Cree Resources

Links to a number of sites pertaining to the Cree Language.

Nikamo - Open Source Language Learning Software. Currently being developed in English and Cree. Other language groups are welcome to participate in the development process.

Cree Syllabics - a site that allows you to type in Cree, Inuktitut, Naskapi, and Ojibwe Syllabics.

Cree Dictionary - Dictionary allowing the translation between English, Cree (SRO), and Cree (Syllabics).

Cree Wikipedia - Feel free to add any entry to the Cree version of Wikipedia.

The Gift of Language and Culture Website - Resouces and Vocabulary in Woodland Cree (TH Dialect), Plains Cree (Y Dialect), Swampy Cree (N Dialect), and Dene.

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