Verses and Quotes

This page will contain verses and quotes that I come across that speak to me at a particular time. Depending what is happening in my life, certain verses will trigger different responses in me at different times.

"If God knows the need, who else needs to know?" - Bill McLeod

"You can say what you think, but you will live what you believe." - Mark Hall of Casting Crowns

"I love the name Compassion. (i.e. Compassion International - "Passion" comes from a word that means "to suffer" and "com", of course, means "with". So "compassion" means "to suffer with." And when you see the love of God becoming visible to people who have lived in darkness, in a darkness that is different than the darkness that we live in, it really excites you, and it really kind of rekindles your own flame and your own passion for Christ. And for too long, the church has believed, has bought into the idea that the government can take care of the poor. And this is a tragic flaw in our thinking. The government can give the poor money. But that doesn't take care of them. The church is the organism that Jesus put into this world to take care of the poor. Your folks, you are the light of the world." - Rich Mullins [Quoted from one of his concerts.]

Thank you Mama for Praying for Me

Somebody somewhere was praying that night,
When Jesus came in and I saw the light
It must have been mama,
I've heard her before
As she knelt by her bedside
Her tears touched the floor

Thank you mama for praying for me
If you had not prayed then where would I be
They called you old fashion but you loved the Lord
As her prayers touched the master, her tears touched the floor

She held to the altar and wouldn't give in
Till she knew all her children have been born again
Just an old fashion mama
But she loved the Lord
As her prayers touched the master
Her tears touched the floor

I heard someone sing this in church today. Such a beautiful song. I need to find a copy on disc.

"There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves..." (Luke 21:25)

I guess this one caught my eye as we can definately see this has already begun to start (at least the roaring of the sea part) and seems to be getting much worse. Perhaps soon I shall have to add the next verse as well.

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